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 Mrs. Yeonhy Hyong Sah Beum Nim

Rank: Oh Dan, 5th degree black belt
I have been teaching and training students since I was 16 years old. Combining my love for health and fitness with Tae Kwon Do has been a great passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the academy has greatly shaped my leadership skills to the point that I have risen to the top at any company that I have ever worked at. I find it to be a great testament to all that I have learned and developed here during my training.

Being able to help the Naperville area community through martial arts has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages, levels and abilities. Being different from all other academies is a point I am very proud of. We help each of our students develop their inner leader by raising their confidence, focus and discipline by helping them learn they can accomplish their goals.

Mr. Aye

Mr. Aye

Rank: Sahm Dan, 3rd degree black belt
I have been learning and training in PSA since January of 2005. I have a passion to share my martial art knowledge with my students and find it incredibly rewarding. I specialize in Hapkido, a Korean Martial arts form of self-defense that employs joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques and Kum Do, a traditional weapon sword for 2 years. My son now takes classes here!

Mr. Arhcie

Mr. Archie

Rank: Sahm Dan, 3rd degree black belt
I began my TKD training in the summer of 2004. I started with the goal of gaining a yellow belt and before I knew it, I wanted to earn a black belt. I joined the instructor training program and became an instructor in 2010. In addition to TKD I have also studied Kumdo and Hapkido. During this time I have learned invaluable lessons in both Tae Kwon Do and becoming a leader myself. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the progression of students from no belt up to Black belt. I especially admire the persistence and commitment that the members of P.S. Academy demonstrate in every class. They remind me every day what it means to be an effective leader to our students and I strive to meet that goal every class I teach.

Rank: Sahm Dan, 3rd degree black belt

 Mr. Louise

Mr. Louise

Rank: Yi Dan, 2nd degree black belt
I started teaching at the rank of Cho Dan, 1st degree black belt. What is great about being an instructor at P.S. Academy is when you see that a child (or adult) have that a-ha moment. When the belief in their ability to do something changes. You can see that their training is getting better and it affects the way they feel about themselves. When a student goes from 'this is hard' to 'I can do it', you know that a difference has been made in their lives. The classes give me so much energy and I have learned leadership qualities that I can take to the workplace. My children take classes here as well and my daughter has also achieved her black belt!

 Mr. Nystrom

Mr. Nystrom

Rank: Yi Dan, 2nd degree black belt
I've been attending P.S. Academy since 2008 and started instructing classes in 2012. I enjoy teaching both children and adults and love seeing our students go from being unsure and/or shy about what they can accomplish to confident, disciplined leaders. I appreciate the fact that what we teach here at P.S. Academy can be taken back home and to work and applied to so many other aspects of student’s lives. We are not just about kicks and punches, but also about helping our students reach their full potential. We have so many success stories and have changed so many lives that it makes my task of being an instructor a true joy. Both of my kids are students here and I love that we can all do it together.




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Our Tae Kwon Do and Leadership program was implemented intro District 203 as a way to help children develop their inner leader while boosting their confidence and having fun in an after school program.
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