Jamie Pillow

Jamie Pillow

From 4 F's and 2 D's to 4 A's and 2 B's

Jamie Pillow 

Jamie Pillow is 12 years old, and a self-confident sixth-grader. It wasn’t that way just six months ago. Jamie’s grades threatened to keep him in the sixth grade at LeRoy Grade School. His classmates called him stupid. Jamie’s parents tried private tutors and counseling, but nothing seemed to work.

Then his parents saw an advertisement for P. S. Systems. They enrolled Jamie in the martial arts training program.

He began training three times a week under the personal instruction of Grandmaster Nam K. Hyong. Master Hyong also worked with his parents and with his teacher, Mrs. Thompson.

His turning point was at his first belt promotion test. He broke a one inch board on his first try. To his surprise, there were many young members in his age group that had to try two to three times for a successful break. This made him feel good about himself. He began to trust himself.

Changes were taking place within and about himself. These changes helped him develop self-confidence and subsequently boosted up his self-esteem. His school grades have improved. Today, the 4 F’s and 2 D’s have been replaced by 4 A’s and 2 B’s.

“When self-esteem and self-discipline are improved, youngsters become not only good students, but also active, contributing members of our community...” says Grandmaster Hyong.

Perhaps, you have a JAMIE that can be helped too.