Mr & Mrs Wang

Mr & Mrs Wang

Emotional Management

My wife and I, Mr & Mrs Wang, enrolled our son Albert, into Personal Success Systems Self-Leadership Class only two days ago.  This program is in partnership with Mill Street School and Xilin Asian Center as part of a Leadership outreach program. 


After only two classes we noticed a difference in Albert.  He seems to be more energetic and he loves the classes. 


What was a surprise was how much my wife and I got out of the Parents Strategies Class, taught by Grandmaster Nam K. Hyong, PhD.


In our first class I learned that in order to be able to communicate better with my two sons, I need to learn Emotional Management.  In a family, there are so many different personalities and everyone communicates differently.  Quite often our positive intentions as parents, becomes lost in the translation to our children.


Sometimes we as parents don’t know how to manage our emotions and we end up hurting our children’s feelings when we yell at them.  And then our kids don’t want to listen nor discuss anything after we yell at them. 


What I am learning is that as a father, I need to change my communication skills towards my children.  This will apply to my work as well as my relationship with my family.  I feel that these classes will not only help Albert become a competent leader, Personal Success Systems will help my wife and I become better parents to him.


What I also learned is how to create our family’s Mission Statement.  Unlike in a traditional Asian family’s ??, nowadays we need to include our children’s input in order to bridge the cultural and generation gap.  The difference of today’s children growing up in America is that they want to participate and have their input and opinions heard in their families. 


I also recommend two books: “Emotional Intelligence” by Dan G and “Learned Helplessness” by Martin Seligman.


I look forward to many more great classes and the benefits Albert and our family will gain.