Sagan Jacobsen

Sagan Jacobsen

How My 7-Year Old Stood Up to His Bully

It is said the proof is in the pudding. Sagan has a cousin, same age, who unfortunately has an uncontrollable temper.  This temper would manifest itself by sudden outbursts of violence, which would include attacking Sagan with kicks, vicious bites that drew blood, and punches.  This cousin would also use whatever was handy as a weapon to strike with.  One time Sagan’s father came between Sagan and his cousin during a dispute over coloring pencils. The cousin had targeted Sagan’s eye and was attempting another jab just as Sagan’s father’s hand stopped the blow, probably saving Sagan’s eye.


            As Sagan and his cousin grew a little older this sort of bullying behavior was expected of the cousin.  Despite Sagan’s parents’ efforts to have the cousins’ parents do a better job to control their son, nothing was done.  The unspoken understanding was that, as far as they were concerned, as long as their son had the upper hand and came out victor during the fights, it was “no big deal”.  So Sagan had to fend for himself. Tae Kwon Do, under the guidance of Master Hyong, gave Sagan the tools he needed to handle his cousin.


            This summer there was another family reunion; once again the cousin was there and in no time tried to establish who was boss.  There were the usual arguments—the cousin trying to establish dominance by brute force.  There were a couple of shoving matches, nothing serious, but already Sagan’s parents could see that now Sagan was more confident and ready to stand up for himself.  Sagan’s strong reaction only served to build up his cousin’s anger until finally he went too far.


            An argument broke out; there were other boys standing around.  It was between the cousin and Sagan.  The cousin said Sagan was not allowed to talk and placed his hand over Sagan’s mouth, which Sagan immediately countered with a block.  Again, the cousin reached to “shut Sagan up’, again the block.  Now the other boys began to cheer and yell, “Fight, fight!”


            Sagan’s father and the cousin’s mother were watching all of this from a balcony; the kids did not know they were there.  Before the parents could get involved the cousin attacked, throwing wild punches; he was going to give Sagan a lesson.  It was hard for Sagan’s father to stay clear, but he knew this was an important moment.  Suddenly Sagan just blew up—his punches very quick and accurate along with several kicks.  At one point, Sagan lost his balance, but immediately got back up and continued let his cousin have it!  Having seen enough, the cousin’s mother had rushed down and pulled her son away.  Meanwhile, Sagan’s father hadn’t moved a step.  In fact, he was doing all he could not to smile.


            This is a true story of how Tae Kwon Do has helped a seven year old.  These hard won, but well earned, victories can form an essential part of a young person’s inner foundation.  This is the foundation that will have to last the rest of his life.


            Many of us who enrolled our children here in P.S. Academy can relate and share our similar stories.  We all can take pride in the success of these children and our other members.  Our members are exceptional people who learn everyday that they can achieve anything they want to with a little effort on their part and lots of praise from their peers.


Mrs. Jacobsen